Get Paid For Your Work

Too often, long term care and sub-acute rehabilitation facilities are prevented from receiving all the funds entitled to them due to improper coding of Medicare billings. Regulations are complex, as are clarifications of patient care level versus appropriate Medicare interpretations. Knowing how to properly code for patient care experience is a matter of educating the nursing/CNA staff of the medical facility.

The Regulation Puzzle

The revenue received is only one factor in the Medicare billing puzzle; satisfactory patient care is the other essential dynamic to consider. As a medical facility you want to ensure your staff is aware of both influences of providing excellent patient care and maintaining accurate records.

Planning for Patient Care

The four levels of patient care are clearly defined in the rules and regulations of Medicare billing. Each level is broken down further into aspects of care and actions that constitute the level of care provided to the individual patient. Developing a patient care plan is the first step to guaranteeing patients receive optimum care while your staff follows the intricate guidelines of the insurance system. Knowledge of the system and a patient care plan are vital tools in maintaining the integrity of a health care facility.

Train Your Way To Revenue

Patricia Rublein has a proven track record of success in training staff MDS Coordinators at medical facilities to develop a patient plan and follow it through proper coding of diagnosis, treatments and daily care. The MDS Coordinator also learns how to keep accurate records and file reports on schedule so Medicare revenue is received in a timely manner.

RN MDS To The Rescue

Meet Patricia Rublein, RN and MDS Specialist – Patricia is an expert in the field of Medicare Clinical Reimbursement. Her combined years as practicing RN and subsequent MDS Coordinator & Clinical Reimbursement Specialist uniquely qualify her to educate the staff of long term care and sub-acute rehabilitation facilities in patient care along with precise coding for Medicare rules. Contact Patricia here.